Our services There is uncoordinated advice, and then there is Silvertree

By utilizing our VFO (Virtual Family Office) you gain access to highly specialized experts in over 30 different fields of study, all coordinated through a single point of contact, Silvertree.  No longer will you be tasked with implementing advice from multiple professionals on your own.

Planning first, products second

Products hit the market daily. We believe products without process can’t solve retirement—it’s the process that paves your path. We’ll pave your retirement path with an evidence-based process that the product-peddlers just can’t match.

We promise value

Retirement planning is about making ‘just-right’ investments in your future. Rock-bottom prices lead to rock-bottom outcomes. Our advice? Steer clear of options that seem too good to be true. We’ll help you define your ‘just-right’ investments. You’ll get back so much more than you put in, cost will become negligible.

Geared for performance

No one single investment outperforms all others. If that existed, everyone would be invested there. Financial plan performance is about curating a cluster of investments that fit both your means and your goals. We do exactly that on a daily basis for busy professionals approaching retirement from a multitude of different circumstances.

Wealth preservation, wealth enhancement

What we do, and what other top financial advisors do, is conduct a discovery process to develop a Total Client Model for every client we work with. We ask a series of questions in each of seven areas, 62 questions to be exact.

Values: What is most important to you?

Goals: What you’re most proud of in the past and where do you want to go moving forward?

Relationships: What relationships are most important to you?

Assets: What have you accumulated thus far, and what amounts do you owe others?

Advisors: What professional relationships do you have and how well do they collaborate for your benefit?

Process: How would you like to really make sure that you’re on top of your finances and achieving success?

Interests: What are you interested in?

We then make sure there’s a real wealth management team in place that is working together using a proven and systematic process for operating efficiently.