What’s new, and what isn’t and what is

Silvertree - Monday, Nov 22, 2021

Humans are naturally hard wired to resist change. The brain, specifically the amygdala, sees change as a threat which releases hormones that trigger our natural reaction of fear, fight, or flight. It is completely normal. That is why when we are presented with a new idea, even a good one with tons of benefits, we instinctively resist it.

At Silvertree we continue to overcome this resistance and make changes that I know will further improve the client experience, elevate our level of service, and maximize our clients’ potential.

So, what’s new?

First off, the obvious. I hope you like our new logo. More importantly, however, is our newly minted Tagline: Planning with Purpose, and our Core Message: No Matter where you are in retirement, we’ll partner with you to provide ongoing, comprehensive planning and investment advice to help you reach your goals.

To us this is more than a few words thrown together. This is who we are, deep down, it’s in our DNA. We value education and empowerment of our clients through a very thoughtful financial planning process, and everything we do for you is done to achieve your goal(s), it has a purpose.

In the spirit of education, we have decided to bring back our retirePREP™ (Personal Retirement Education Program) starting this fall. For those of you who don’t know, retirePREP™ is an educational program created by myself as a Certified Financial Planner™ professional, with the help of some of the most forward thinking professionals in the tax, legal, and investment world.

We took a short hiatus from teaching in late 2019 which was then extended by “you know what” in 2020. It’s time for us to get back to what we do best, providing rock solid independent information to arm consumers with the knowledge they need to make the best decisions for themselves, regardless of if they hire us or not. While teaching retirePREP™ is a way for us to grow our business, it is also a way for us to give back to the community by improving financial literacy.

We purchased our building on Post Road and have expanded by adding more office space and a large Education Center. These retirePREP™ classes cover a wide array of topics such as taxes, Social Security, estate planning (wills and trusts), health insurance, investments, financial planning and more, and will be taught right in our office in this new Education Center.

We have made our scheduling calendars available 24/7/365 electronically so with the click of a mouse or tap on your smartphone you can instantly see when we are available if you want to schedule a visit with myself or one of my team members. We recently introduced texting as a method of communication. THAT’S RIGHT! You can simply shoot a text to the normal office line 715-544-1610 and our team will happily converse with you over text.

Our website has been completely redone and provides a much clearer message to those curious about working with Silvertree. Included on our website is our blog and video section that I personally create to help educate the public on matters that I believe are important. We do NOT use a third-party vendors to generate content for us to disseminate, we create it ourselves so you can get a clear feeling of what we are all about at Silvertree; our beliefs, our knowledge, and our philosophy.

OK, so what ISN’T new?

We are still your locally owned, veteran owned, midwestern business that will help you maximize your potential. While our look and our messaging to new potential clients has never been clearer and more concise, we will never forget the importance of our existing client relationships. Without our current clients, we are nothing, and your unwavering faith in us is deeply appreciated. In short, nothing is changing for current clients.

In almost 20 years of doing business, I have never raised fees for existing clients, and I have no intention of changing that. If you are already a client, your fee structure remains the same. New clients considering Silvertree will have various fee arrangements to choose from based on the types of services desired.

Jason Glisczynski, CFP®, CAS®